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Discover a better quality of life


Why live in Alhaurin de la Torre?

If you have reached this section it is because you are looking for a better quality of life. If you currently live in Malaga city you will discover that it is much more accessible to live in Alhaurin de la Torre.

Many clients have decided to buy a house in Alhaurín de la Torre when they discovered that for the same price they could only buy a 3-bedroom apartment in Málaga.

We all love our beloved capital Malaga, for its stores, bars, museums and good atmosphere.

However, when it comes to starting a family, we prefer to get a better return on our money in a house where our partner and children will enjoy an ideal quality of life.

Will I have everything I need in Alhaurín de la Torre?

Of course it is! We have previously mentioned the economic aspect and the better quality of life you will get by living in Alhaurín de la Torre.
Now, let me describe to you all the advantages of buying a house in Alhaurín because even though it is a village it has all the amenities of a city.

Good communication

It is ideal for people working in the center of Malaga or its metropolitan area.

– 15 min from Cádiz highway via Churriana road
– 20 min from Malaga center via the highway
– 15 min from Malaga Technology Park ( PTA)

Other points of interest and distances

– 15 min from International Airport
Malaga –

Costa del Sol

– 10 min from the largest shopping center of Malaga, “Plaza Mayor” with cinemas, more than 100 stores and Restaurants

– 10 min from the beaches of bajondillo in Torremolinos

Wide range of supermarkets and stores

Alhaurín de la Torre has always been a town of choice for a certain class of people with more resources than the average. In fact, it is no coincidence that it is one of the towns with the highest income per square meter in Spain.

Throughout time, Alhaurín has been able to attract wealthy nationals and foreigners, so it has been a town that has always been able to renew its infrastructure and that is why all the inhabitants express a great satisfaction to live in it.

3 Mercadona
2 Carrefour
Coviran open 24h 7d/7
Comerco for companies and businesses
100% organic mini market

Fermento Bakery
One hundred fire restaurant
Black Forest Restaurant

As you will see, looking at the list of supermarkets and wherever you live in town, there will always be one within a 5 min. drive or 15 min. walk.

A town designed for enjoyment

We usually associate “village” with little offer of services such as sports or activities, however, Alhaurín de la Torre is the exception that proves the rule.

– Soccer fields
– Numerous tennis and paddle tennis courts
– Multiple municipal swimming pools (indoor and outdoor)
– 27-hole Golf Course (Lauro Golf)
– Tire au Pigeon Shooting Club in Jarapalo
– Riding Clubs
– The fastest and longest natural Anclage zip line in Andalucia.
– Pump track

You will not find another place with such an important and diverse offer of activities to satisfy the whole family.

And the best of all is that you save a lot of time in displacements since in Alhaurín all the leisure is concentrated in the same area of the town.

– Beauty Salon
– Municipal Spa
– Pilates
– Yoga
– Crossfit gyms

– Dance and dance school
– Municipal Library

Below is a list of the best schools in Alhaurin de la torre:

1. El Peñón School:
School for pre-school, primary and vocational education located in Cuesta Peñón, Alhaurín de la Torre.

2. Colegio El Pinar (Bilingual):
Private school for kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school and vocational training located in Camino de la Acequia s/n, Alhaurín de la Torre.

3. Colegio Los Manantiales
Public school of kindergarten, primary and vocational education located in Calle Río Gacin 1A, Alhaurín de la Torre.

4. Colegio Interational Montessori School Caracoliris (imsc)
Private school of infant and primary education located in Avenida de la Música 120, Alhaurín de la Torre.

5. Colegio Miramar
Private school of kindergarten, primary and secondary education located in Plaza Andalucia 2.

6. Colegio Juan Pablo II
Colegio concertado de educación infantil, primaria y FP located in Barriada el Romeral s/n, Alhaurín de la Torre.

7. Colegio Maruja Mallo
Public school of infant, primary and vocational education located in Calle Nelson Mandela s/n, Alhaurín de la Torre.

8. Colegio Maestro Genaro Rincón
Public school of kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational education located in Urb Caleta del Mediterráneo 29, Alhaurín de la Torre.

9. Isaac Peral School

Public school of infant, primary and vocational education located in Avenida Isaac Peral, Alhaurín de la Torre.

10. Torrijos School
Public school of infant, primary and vocational education located in Calle Soleá 5, Alhaurín de la Torre.

1. Noelia González Institute:
This high school in Alhaurín de la Torre is secular and coeducational. It is in the price range of between 300 and 700€, and follows a generic educational model, with Spanish as the vehicular language.

2. Huerta Alta Institute

This high school in Alhaurín de la Torre is secular and coeducational. It is within the price range of free or <100€, it also follows a generic educational model, and its language level is bilingual, with Spanish and English as its vehicular languages.

Among its services, the Huerta Alta public high school offers school transportation and extracurricular activities.

3. Chaplaincy Institute

This high school in Alhaurín de la Torre is secular and coeducational. It is within the price range of free or <100€, and follows a generic educational model, with Spanish as the vehicular language.

Among its services, the Capellanía public high school has school transportation, extended morning and afternoon hours, AMPA and extracurricular activities.

4. Instituto María Zambrano
Private kindergarten and primary school located at Avenida de la Música 120, Alhaurín de la Torre.

The Instituto María Zambrano is a public secondary school, high school and vocational training located in Calle Pintor Cipriano Maldonado 8, Alhaurín de la Torre.

5. Instituto Miguel Ángel Huesca Mariscal
Instituto Miguel Ángel Huesca Mariscal is a public vocational school located in 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre.

6. Instituto Gerald Brenan
The Instituto Gerald Brenan is a public secondary school, high school and vocational training located in Calle Alcalde Ramón Irrizarri Pastor, Alhaurín de la Torre.

This high school in Alhaurín de la Torre is secular and coeducational. It is within the price range of free or <100€, it also follows a generic educational model, and its language level is bilingual, with Spanish and English as its vehicular languages.

7. Instituto Seniors Torre Del Mar
This institute in Alhaurín de la Torre is secular and coeducational. It is in the price range of between 300 and 700€, and follows a generic educational model, with Spanish as the vehicular language.

8. Instituto José Hidalgo
The Instituto José Hidalgo is a public vocational school located at Calle Manuel Azuaga “Abuelo de Torre del Mar” 52, Alhaurín de la Torre.

9. Joaquín Lobato Institute
Joaquín Lobato Institute is a public secondary school located at Avenida Gerald Brenan 2, Alhaurín de la Torre.

10. Miraya Del Mar Institute
The Instituto Miraya Del Mar is a public secondary school, high school and FP located in Calle Azucarera, Alhaurín de la Torre.


If you are thinking of buying a house in Alhaurín de la Torre to change your life, the education of your children is one of the most important issues.

In Alhaurin de la Torre there are 3 types of schools: public, subsidized and private.

In addition, if you are interested in educating your children in a private international school, there are several private bilingual schools within 30 minutes from Alhaurin by the highway.

Finally, if you wish to offer your children one of the most exclusive education systems, you can find a Montessori school in Alhaurín.

More information:


There is the “Don José Molina Díaz” Health Center, located in the center of Alhaurin de la Torre.

  • San Juan Private Polyclinic
  • Polyclinic la cibis Martinez

Numerous dental clinics

In which area to live in
Alhaurín de la Torre?

I hope the above articles have given you all the information you needed to find out if you will feel happy and complete buying a house in Alhaurin de la torre.

Now we are going to make a list of the different zones and Urbanizations so that you can choose according to your preferences.

For example, if you like privacy with few neighbors and a lot of land away from the city center or if you prefer to live closer to the center in a prestigious urbanization with parks and gardens.

Discover the best neighborhoods of Alhaurín de la Torre

Zonas en Alhaurín de la Torre

Haz clic en la zona de tu Elección para tener más detalles

Zonas en Alhaurín de la Torre
El Lagar Retamar Capellania Cortijo del sol Santa Clara Huerta Alta Los Manantiales Pinos de Alhaurin Teralpe El Limon

El Lagar

Tal como hemos mencionado en el párrafo anterior, esta urbanización queda frente por frente a RETAMAR.

Se la puede definir como una urbanización de solera por su antigüedad y grandes villas tanto en la zona baja que le permite fácil acceso a pie al pueblo y a la gran avenida principal, como en la zona alta, desde la cual y si no le importa usar coche, disfrutará de unas vistas de infarto hacia el valle de Guadalhorce, al aeropuerto e incluso a la Bahía de Málaga.

Es una zona más tranquila pero a la vez no muy lejos de todas las facilidades como supermercados (un segundo Mercadona), farmácias, restaurantes, bares, peluquerías, veterinarios y todo lo que se necesita para el día a día.


A pocos metros y ya adentrándonos más hacia el pueblo, tenemos a un lado esta urbanización y a mano izquierda El Lagar, que más adelante detallaremos.

Retamar, se caracteriza por sus casas adosadas, pareadas e independientes a precios muy asequibles. Esta zona es más antigua pero no forzosamente vieja, y ha conseguido tener su propia identidad con todas la necesidades a mano como farmacia, restaurantes, supermercado (Mercadona), centro de deportes a escasos 5 minutos, así como zonas verdes y sobre todo ¡la mejor heladería de toda Málaga!!


A ésta urbanización junto con la siguiente (Los Manantiales), se les puede definir como ¡Las URBANIZACIONES por excelencia! Todo el mundo quiere estar en ellas… ¿por qué? Pues por su elegancia, su cercanía al pueblo y sus viviendas de todo tipo, tanto de lujo total como pareados y adosados.

Se encuentra todo lo que se necesita para vivir: Grandes colegios e institutos, centros deportivos privados y municipales, bares modernos, supermercados, boutiques, varios restaurantes, etc. Se le podría definir como el centro neurálgico y a la vez exclusivo.

Cortijo del sol

A esta urbanización se puede acceder desde EL LAGAR porque casi forman una sola pero ¡con diferentes ambientes!

En Cortijos del Sol al tener colegios e institutos, da la sensación de estar más en el centro del pueblo. Por otro lado es la zona donde quedan todos los comercios mencionados con anterioridad y es por lo que fácilmente pueden confundirse y no saber dónde empieza una y termina el otra. Igualmente, hay una zona baja y otra alta desde la cual tenemos esas vistas increíbles hacia Málaga, el aeropuerto y la bahía de Málaga y a la espalda la escarpada sierra de Alhaurín.

Santa Clara

Esta urbanización es la primera del pueblo que está ubicada a mano derecha y se podría decir que es un zona relativamente nueva donde abundan los chalets adosados y pareados para familias jóvenes. Destaca por su amplitud, viviendas a un precio razonable y con un muy fácil acceso tanto a la autovía del Mediterráneo que nos lleva a Málaga como a Marbella. A pocos metros y en la misma urbanización, tenemos una estación de servicio y el supermercado ALDI!

Huerta Alta

Ya casi adentrándonos a lo que es el pueblo en sí, encontramos esta urbanización que se caracteriza por estar a escasos minutos andando de todas las facilidades del pueblo y todo el ambiente del mismo, no obstante queda en una zona alta por lo cual es muy tranquila, nueva y con viviendas asequibles. La mayoría de los vecinos son personas jóvenes con hijos con edad de andar de un lado a otro, acceso a los colegios a pie, a las actividades extra-escolares, etc.

Es una zona céntrica pero a la vez y gracias a las buenas infraestructuras del pueblo, se ha conseguido que sea amplia, con muchas zonas verdes, a escasos minutos del gran pabellón de deportes donde encontrarás toda clase de actividades a unos precios muy al alcance de la población

Los Manantiales

Como hemos citado con anterioridad, es LA ZONA para estar, sin menospreciar el resto. Sus grandes mansiones, anchas calles, vistas, montañas, zonas muy despejadas, etc.

Es que lo tiene todo, con la pequeña gran diferencia que los precios de las viviendas no están al alcance de cualquiera. También favorece su ubicación ya que está a mitad de camino entre la entrada del pueblo y el pueblo en sí. Obviamente y como Capellanía, está cerca de todos las facilidades.

Pinos de Alhaurin

Dicen que la Urb. Pinos de Alhaurin es una de la más grande de la provincia!! Puede ser, pero el caso sea cierto o no, es que podemos asegurar su cercanía al pueblo de Alhaurin de la Torre, sus anchas calles y desde la parte más alta impresionantes vistas al valle de Guadalhorce y la bahía de Málaga. Con muy fácil acceso tanto para el pueblo como para unirse a la autovía del Mediterráneo.

En ella podemos encontrar casas de gran lujo, modernas, rústicas o simplemente villas familiares, todo formando parte de un entorno tranquilo y acogedor. Es una zona que reúne las ventajas de vivir junto a la naturaleza y a la vez a escasos minutos del centro del pueblo y de los colegios como El Maruja Mallo; El Pinar colegio privado bilingüe y centros deportivos, etc…


Saliendo del bullicio del pueblo y a unos 10 minutos a pie, a mano derecha encontramos Taralpe. Es como haber cambiado de pueblo, zona de reciente edificación, muy despejada, con zonas verdes y donde reina la tranquilidad y el sosiego. No obstante queda lo suficientemente cerca del pueblo para todo lo que se necesite. Igualmente, hay un colegio en la urbanización Maruja Mallo yo diría que uno de los mejores con la facilidad de poder dejar a su hijo en el comedor. A escasos minutos, está el colegio El Pinar, colegio privado muy bien evaluado.

El Limon

Discover the best neighborhoods of Alhaurín de la Torre


Coming from the M340 and passing through the town of Churriana, we arrive at a fantastic traffic circle that welcomes you to Alhaurín de la Torre.

This urbanization is the first one in the village which is located on the right hand side and it could be said that it is a relatively new area with an abundance of semi-detached and semi-detached houses for young families. It stands out for its spaciousness, housing at a reasonable price and with very easy access to both the Mediterranean highway that takes us to Malaga and Marbella. A few meters away and in the same urbanization, we have a gas station and the ALDI supermarket!


A few meters further into the village, we have this urbanization on one side and on the left hand side El Lagar, which we will detail later on.

Retamar is characterized by its townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses at very affordable prices. This area is older but not necessarily old, and has managed to have its own identity with all the necessities at hand such as pharmacy, restaurants, supermarket (Mercadona), sports center just 5 minutes away, as well as green areas and above all the best ice cream shop in Malaga!
(no kidding! )

El Lagar

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this urbanization is in front of RETAMAR.
It can be defined as a traditional urbanization for its age and large villas both in the lower area that allows easy access on foot to the village and the main avenue, and in the upper area, from which, if you do not mind using a car, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Guadalhorce valley, the airport and even the Bay of Malaga.

It is a quieter area but at the same time not far from all facilities such as supermarkets (a second Mercadona), pharmacies, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, veterinarians and everything you need for day to day life.

Cortijo del sol

This urbanization can be accessed from EL LAGAR because they almost form one but with different environments!

In Cortijos del Sol, having schools and institutes, gives the feeling of being more in the center of town. On the other hand, it is the area where all the above mentioned stores are located and that is why they can easily get confused and not know where one begins and the other ends. Likewise, there is a low and a high area from which we have those incredible views towards Malaga, the airport and the bay of Malaga and to the back the steep mountain range of Alhaurin.


This urbanization together with the next one (Los Manantiales), can be defined asthe URBANIZATIONS par excellence! Everybody wants to be in them… why? For its elegance, its proximity to the village and its homes of all types, both total luxury and semi-detached and terraced houses.

You will find everything you need to live: great schools and institutes, private and municipal sports centers, modern bars, supermarkets, boutiques, various restaurants, etc. It could be defined as the neuralgic and at the same time exclusive center.

Los Manantiales

As previously mentioned, it is THE ZONE to be in, without underestimating the rest. Its large mansions, wide streets, views, mountains, very clear zones, etc.

It has it all, with the small difference that housing prices are not affordable for everyone. It also favors its location as it is halfway between the entrance of the town and the town itself. Obviously and as Capellania, it is close to all facilities.

Huerta Alta

Already almost going into what is the town itself, we find this urbanization that is characterized by being a few minutes walk from all the facilities of the town and all the atmosphere of it, however it is in a high area so it is very quiet, new and affordable housing. Most of the neighbors are young people with children of walking age, access to schools on foot, after-school activities, etc.

It is a central area but at the same time and thanks to the good infrastructure of the town, it has managed to be spacious, with many green areas, a few minutes from the large sports hall where you will find all kinds of activities at prices within reach of the population.


Leaving the hustle and bustle of the village and about 10 minutes walk, on the right hand side we find Taralpe. It is like having changed town, an area of recent construction, very clear, with green areas and where tranquility and peace reign. However, it is close enough to town for everything you need. Likewise, there is a school in the Maruja Mallo urbanization, I would say one of the best, with the facility of being able to leave your child in the dining room. A few minutes away is the El Pinar school, a highly rated private school.

Pinos de Alhaurín

They say that Urb. Pinos de Alhaurin is one of the largest in the province! It may be, but whether it is true or not, we can assure its proximity to the town of Alhaurin de la Torre, its wide streets and from the highest part impressive views of the Guadalhorce valley and the bay of Malaga. With very easy access both to the town and to join the Mediterranean highway.

Here we can find luxury homes, modern, rustic or simply family villas, all forming part of a quiet and cozy environment. It is an area that combines the advantages of living close to nature and at the same time a few minutes from the center of town and schools such as El Maruja Mallo; El Pinar private bilingual school and sports centers, etc. …

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