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In Al Andalus Estates we like above all the human factor and transparency, so we accompany our clients.

A professional professional

We say that a picture is worth a thousand words. When selling your house in Alhaurin de la torre it is of vital importance to take good photos. These photos will highlight the favorable points of the house without transforming the reality. The objective is to attract the buyer to contact us and be pleasantly surprised during the visit.

Filling in the
Ordering Note

Then, during the visit, we fill out and sign the order form. The purpose of this document is to specify the characteristics of the property and to fix the sale price including our fees. This strengthens confidence for both the owner and the Al Andalus Estates team.
In this way, we ensure the agreement contracted by both parties.

We publish the house in Social Networks and Portals

Our main concern is to give high visibility to our properties and to a greater number of people.
In short, we know how to connect with the future buyer by investing the necessary time to study the best way to highlight the advantages of the property.

To optimize the impact of the advertisement, we use advanced copywriting techniques such as the real estate copywriting and publications on social networks in order to connect with the client's emotions, accompanied by videos and photos.

Visits Optimized

With these sales techniques that we use to highlight the advantages of the property, we can filter the list of contacts and in this way we can pre-select only those people who show a real interest.

Drafting of the purchase and sale purchase and sale

Once a customer shows a real interest in the product and deposit a deposit, we provide you with a nota simple(document proving that the property is in order) and prepare the earnest money contract. This contract details precisely everything included in the sale price (furniture, renovations, community, etc.). This allows confirmation of the buyer's commitment. In addition, a down payment of 10% of the value of the property is usually required. This amount remains with the seller of the property in the event of a waiver by the buyer.

Next, the purchase and sale contract is drawn up specifying the date and amounts pending for the moment of the final signature at the notary's office.

We deliver the keys to the New owner


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