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What is the best orientation for a home?

Posted by josemaria on October 14, 2022

Having the best orientation for a home is an important factor when buying, building, selling or renovating a property. Among other elements, such as urban planning regulations, land or infrastructure is fundamental from an architect’s point of view.

Throughout this article we will show the benefits of a good orientation of the house according to the hemisphere in which it is located, how to choose the best one and how to calculate it.

What is the importance of orientation for a home?

It is important for energy reasons (air conditioning or spending less on lighting), but also for quality of life and comfort.

Also, it is necessary to know where the property is oriented to and what is the value of the property if it is going to be appraised in order to ask for a mortgage, to distribute an inheritance or to sell it.

This is because the price varies up to 20% depending on whether the house faces north or east.

How to calculate the best orientation for a house?

First, it is important to understand the behavior of the sun with respect to the earth: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In addition, the sun is tilted to the south.

By knowing how the sun behaves in relation to the four cardinal points and the seasons, we can know to which cardinal point the house is oriented.

Obtain house plans

The most accurate way to know the orientation of a house is by accessing the floor plans. If they are not available, they can be consulted at the Cadastre.

The plans are arranged with the upper part facing north, so we can know which cardinal point each part of the house is oriented towards depending on whether it is at the top, bottom, right or left on the plan.

Using a compass

You can use a compass to know the position of the house with respect to the sun. Once inside, just face the wall and look where the needle points.

Calculate orientation with Google Maps

A good option is to use Google Maps to know the orientation of the house, you only have to enter the address.

When the house is located, it is entered in the search engine and the map is oriented so that north is at the top of the map. Then, it is only necessary to draw conclusions based on the position of the cardinal points.

Best orientation for a home

There are two orientations that are equally advantageous, these are:

Northern Hemisphere

Winter is characterized by short days and a solar path close to the south, where it rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest, so the north orientation does not receive direct rays.

The best orientation in this hemisphere is to the southwest if we are in a cold climate and to the northwest if we are in a warm climate.

Southern Hemisphere

In this hemisphere the same thing happens as in the north, but in reverse, the northern orientation is the one that receives sunlight, while the southern one receives less.

Therefore, this hemisphere is perfect for a house in cold climates is northwest and southeast in warm climates.

Want help choosing the best house?

Knowing what is the best orientation for a house is beneficial, however, it is difficult to understand this, therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of professionals. At Al Andalus Estates we can help you get the perfect home.

Just contact us to see our list of properties and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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